peut on poser une moquette sur une autre moquette

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Messagede Kimyja » Mer 8 Oct 2014 16:48

In the U.S. government announced the expansion of sanctions against Russia, the U.S. company's Visa and MasterCard suspended four Russian banks of credit card payments. Some experts believe that the U.S. sanctions against Russian banking system had limited impact, but perhaps help accelerate the improvement of Russia's own electronic payment processing center.

Russia and China are different, various banks very much, scale sizes, but this time by the U.S. sanctions are a number of small and medium sized banks Bank. The largest of these, the largest is also affected by the "Russian" banks. However, the bank's position on the 2013 list of the assets of Russian banks is only the first 15, the size of several other banks even smaller. After being Visa and MasterCard sanctions, which the bank's credit card spending several business indeed affected, however, from 23, the United States has begun to gradually restore the bank's credit card to pay sanctions Russian business. Currently, in addition to "Russia" bank and moncler outlet "promoting social initiatives," other than banks, the other two banks, credit card payment service has been fully restored. And "Russia", said the bank, the bank informed the leadership of the United States in terms of sanctions later, once done the next half of the deposit will be removed to prepare the client, but this did not happen, the bank's customers and partners have expressed their understanding and support for the difficulties currently faced by the bank. "Russia" also believes that the U.S. banks assessed sanctions did not cause too much of its influence, but also no moncler need for help to the Russian Central Bank. Currently, the two banks are still sanctions, in addition to credit card payment service can not function properly outside, including an ATM cash withdrawal as well as other financial services are not affected in any way.

Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) has asked for the first time in Russia's central bank to take all means to reduce the loss of U.S. sanctions to bring the Bank of Russia, the Russian central bank to respond quickly said it would be necessary sanctions in Russian banks provide assistance. Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Presidential Affairs Bureau sanctioned "Russia" opened his own private bank accounts to show their support. Putin's move was quickly a lot of Russian government officials and ordinary people to imitate: Reporter weekend in Moscow a "Russian" to see the bank's outlets, and many people conduct business, according to the bank moncler sito ufficiale staff said, the United States announced sanctions Later, the bank's customers have not significantly reduced, contrary to the account but more people than ever before. Bank officials also confirmed that the number of open accounts in recent days has increased significantly compared to the same period.

Some experts believe that the U.S. sanctions may actually help to accelerate the improvement of Russia's own electronic payment processing center, and China UnionPay also Visa moncler and MasterCard as an alternative choice, because it is now an international status, and China UnionPay has enter the Russian market for many years. However, these ideas just decided to position some experts, not the executive. Moreover, although the use of credit card spending in recent years more and more people in Russia, but has not yet developed to the extent of universal coverage. According to a poll of the Russian piumini moncler State Department of Financial ???moncler Research shows that 45 percent of Russians never credit card, bank card holders even in the crowd, always swipe people into the store only to 15%. In addition, China UnionPay has indeed entered the Russian market for some years, but in terms of ease of penetration is still used, compared with the Visa and MasterCard gap is still large. Therefore, most experts agree that Visa and MasterCard credit card business in Russia to suspend several banks as well as the Russian banking system is very limited impact on the lives of ordinary people, alternative Visa and MasterCard with China UnionPay bank may only be sanctioned choice, but now it seems not afford and necessary. (Reporter Yan Xi)
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Messagede Kimnsw » Sam 11 Oct 2014 18:15

The U.S. Supreme Court on the 15th hearing involving two moncler sito ufficiale breast cancer gene patent case again. As the verdict will have a profound impact moncler outlet on biomedical community, this event has drawn attention.

The U.S. Supreme Court at 10 am local time in Washington, DC court, nine judges took turns to prosecution - American Civil Liberties Union and other organizations and the defense - Genetic Technologies Hwange lawyers' questions.

Justice Samuel Alito suggested that if a chemical substance extracted from the leaves of a tree in the Amazon forest, this substance can treat breast cancer, then it can be patented Civil Liberties Union sued on behalf of other organizations in Active-lawyer Christopher Hansen replied: "You may be able to grant moncler uomo a patent method to extract, but the leaves of the ingredients you can not give patentable."

Justice Elena Kagan asked: " If a company can not be patented, so why do you want to invest heavily in research," Hansen looks obviously not ready. He said: "The reason a lot of moncler sito ufficiale scientists engaged in research, sometimes he was curious about the world, sometimes because ......" Another Justice Antonin Scalia interrupted immediately: " Curiosity is your answer," Hansen said : "Sometimes, because they want to get the Nobel Prize ......" Kagan interrupted again, said: "Mr. Hansen, I think you should say something else."

Judge Sonia Sotomayor is based on Wan's lawyer Gregory Cass Platanias talk biscuits - "salt, flour, eggs and butter, these ingredients can make cookies, if I use A new way of doing, then I can get patent of this approach, but I can not imagine to get the basic ingredients of salt, flour and eggs patents, because I did not create new uses for these ingredients. "

This case involves the symbol of the two breast cancer BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which found Fangwan Ji company back in 1998 was awarded the use of moncler sito ufficiale the patent these genes. Wanji company also developed on the basis of whether the gene mutation diagnosis of these two methods, each diagnostic fee 3000-4000 U.S. dollars. According to reports, tens of thousands of base company fiscal year related to patent two genes from profiting more than 400 moncler uomo million U.S. dollars, accounting for more than eighty percent the proportion of total revenue. The company is also required to prohibit other companies to develop similar diagnostic methods.

2009, on behalf of a number of medical groups, patients and researchers of the American Civil Liberties Union, Public Patent Foundation on this appeal to the Supreme Court. They believe that the gene is a product of nature, Wan-based company should not be "dominate" these gene patents, such patents would hinder rather than promote innovation.

In 2010, a district court in New York-based company has banned the above ten thousand patents in the judgment. However, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the district court's decision to support the claim wanji companies. In 2012, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit asked the Supreme Court re-trial, but the latter to support the company's claims wanji again, the ball is kicked back to the Supreme Court again.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected in June this year to make a ruling on the patent case. Currently, more than 20,000 human genes involved in more than two percent kinds of patents. (Lin Xiaochun naval)
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Messagede Kimxlh » Mer 15 Oct 2014 18:45

[Global Times roundup airliner lost to Malaysia in charge of the search on the 26th evening, officials claimed that so far mastered the "most trusted" on MH370 wreckage satellite images, relevant waters from Perth, Australia, moncler uomo 2500 km. However, Australia, China and other countries on the 26th sent six planes, boats in nearby waters blanket search has not been a breakthrough. Yesterday was day 19 aircraft lost contact, Malaysian media said the Malaysian side to hand over all information required in accordance with China and satellite data.

"Malaysia may not publish all the information, it is possible that it itself can not afford to unravel the great mystery." German "Focus" magazine on the piumini moncler 26th, said Malaysia ineffective crisis management leads to more despair and anger, despair bears skeptical of conspiracy theories .

In the press conference on the 26th of chicha 姆丁 media was asked: Malaysia Airlines incident was not hurt Malaysia's reputation He replied that "not all countries have access to 26 countries came to help," "This is a great achievement, history will judge us well."

At 26, Ma Indian Airlines plane models for the ATR72 flight due to turbine engines when flying at high altitude and forced to return fire, but fortunately the accident caused no casualties. The same in the 26th, "the Sydney Morning Herald" quoted "New Zealand Herald" A reporter sent back reports from moncler sito ufficiale Kuala Lumpur, said a friend Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact with the captain 扎哈里 of (its pilot colleague) said in an interview, 52 year-old 扎哈里 many men and women are experiencing relationship problems, life was flying crashed on March 8 that flight time.扎哈里 driving tour of the Boeing 777 as a "last ride" on the plane before doing on the simulator can only do things, and then crashed into the Indian Ocean. This person said that 扎哈里 wife to leave, Zha Hali "upset", there is a problem Zhaha Li even told another woman. He said Zha Hali may make co-pilot and other crew members lost capacity for action, driving them out of the cabin, then fly the plane flew to a place he had never before. "Most likely, moncler sito ufficiale passengers and other crew members do not know what happened, when it was too late to know."

"Putrajaya (Malaysia new administrative capital) should apologize to Chinese families MH370 passengers." "Malaysia insider" website moncler uomo reported on the 26th that day, saa Konan Members of Parliament Khalid said at a news conference, "admitted our mistakes, rather than trying to cover up. "he urged Putrajaya and chicha Muding moncler to the Chinese passenger aircraft lost contact with his family a formal apology, because 239 of the 153 passengers were from mainland China. Reported that the aircraft missing since the 8th, the agony of Chinese families condemned the Malaysian government and Malaysian Airlines is "a liar", Malaysia's handling of the crisis has also been criticism of some international media and experts, they say contradictory and delay disclosure statement Military radar data hampered the search and rescue. [Global Times correspondent in Malaysia and Australia in the Global Times, Li Ning, the German reporter Han Chaoqing wooden Global Times reporter Liu Chang Wang analysis]
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Re: peut on poser une moquette sur une autre moquette

Messagede AgCo » Ven 17 Oct 2014 12:28


Il est tout à fait possible de poser de la moquette sur une moquette déjà présente. En revanche, il faut veiller à ce que le premier sol soit parfaitement plat et ne présente pas de détérioration.
Si tel est le cas, il faut veiller à l'aplanir et à retirer tout relief. Si besoin, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Bonne journée.
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Re: peut on poser une moquette sur une autre moquette

Messagede AgCo » Ven 17 Oct 2014 12:49


Pour poser du gazon synthétique, n'hésitez pas à contacter des professionnels.
Nous vous invitons également à consulter nos différentes gammes de produits qui sauront satisfaire à vos besoins.
Basé dans le sud de la France, nous nous déplaçons dans un large périmètre pour poser votre faux gazon.
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Messagede Kimcty » Sam 18 Oct 2014 11:10

Russia earlier this year, the newly revised "Foreign Policy Conception of the Russian Federation" (hereinafter referred to as the new "Vision"), is Putin's third presidential term in the programmatic document for the Russian diplomacy. With the last revision of the "Vision", the new "concept" highlights the importance of China in the Russian foreign policy, stressing the need to strengthen cooperation between Russia and China on a joint moncler response to regional and global issues.

The new "concept" continues to strengthen economic and trade cooperation with China's content. The new "vision" for the Sino-Russian relationship is expressed: Russia will continue to promote the comprehensive strategic partnership of equality and mutual trust with China to actively develop cooperation in various fields. Russia's principled stance consistent on major international political issues is an important basis for maintaining regional and global stability. In this context, Russia will develop in many areas of diplomatic cooperation with China, including finding ways to deal with new challenges and threats, to address pressing regional and global issues, the UN Security Council, the Group of Twenty, the BRIC countries, East Asia cooperation under the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other multilateral cooperative framework of the Organization.

During the presidential campaign, Putin has published the article "Russia and the changing world," said China's economic growth is by no means a threat, but of huge commercial potential for cooperation, the Russian economy, "sailing" a good time. In addition, China in promoting the democratization of international relations is consistent with the view held by Russia. Russia has resolved all the major political issues between the two countries, including the most important border issues. Established between the two countries guaranteed by moncler outlet the legal documents, a solid mechanism of bilateral relations, the two leaders formed an unprecedented high level of mutual trust, which is Russia and China has laid a good foundation for cooperation.

This is Putin made it clear: China are good neighbors, good partners and the smooth development of China, China's economic achievements, for Russia is to encourage, but also to learn from. Russia hopes to Siberia and the Far East and Asia closer together. To ensure the bilateral security, sovereignty and territorial integrity, in the international context of protecting the national interests of Russia in coordination and cooperation in various fields. Russia also maintain cooperation, such as North Korea, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan on the third-country problem. In the BRIC countries, the G20 and other mechanisms, the two countries to piumini moncler build a stable financial order to make a reasonable contribution.

Of course, Russia and the existing trade and moncler trade structure is also difficult to make both sides satisfied. Development in the Far East, on how to achieve win-win situation is not yet fully resolved. Russian business and economic circles in China do not know much, a lot of people influenced by the West.

Russia is a special relationship of trust. Russia and many countries have established a partnership with China but like ???moncler outlet such a high level, a full range of comprehensive strategic partnership is unique. Russia and the creation of a new paradigm for international cooperation. "Russian Good-Neighborly Friendship and Cooperation Treaty" is a new national Cooperation Treaty, this mode of cooperation in the world exists only between Russia and China, from the content to the principle moncler of the theory is unique.

I believe that Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit, Russia will be able to push the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership to a higher level. (Leonid quarter Ye Weiqi ・ Mikhail Titarenko of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of the Far East, in Russia Reporter Shi Xiaohui newspaper, Lin Xuedan interview finishing)
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Messagede Kimhvt » Mer 29 Oct 2014 20:24

Since the referendum, Crimea instantly become the focus of the world, was born in 1981 in Crimea Attorney General Natalya 波克洛恩斯 Kaja is a global network overnight explosion of red, a veritable "Network red man." This is not only because Natalya so young has served as Attorney General of the Republic of Crimea, but also because of her beauty comparable to former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Because the network has had massive burst of life according to Natalya, including nude. Therefore, the leadership piumini moncler of the Crimean Republic requires its refusal to accept a separate interview with the media. However, the "Global Times" reporter obtained on March 19 in the Republic of Crimea Supreme Procuratorate opportunities for an exclusive interview Natalya, just two days ago in Simferopol Ukrainian hogan outlet military base shootings, g Li Miya future legal problems, and she inadvertently become a global network for the exchange Reds and other topics.

For the 18th afternoon in the Crimean capital of Simferopol suburb, mysterious shootings in the Ukrainian military topographic mapping bureau, Natalya to the "Global Times" reporter revealed that the Ukrainian Military Topographic Mapping Agency, also called the Ukrainian army A3674 troops, military units of Russia-Ukraine cooperation model armies carried out under bilateral agreements. On the day, a number of Russian military experts have just entered the council office, then to the hospital there snipers opened fire, causing the black soldier dead and another injured, keep outsiders Cossack soldiers in mapping, ie AUC dead and another injured. Reports about the outside world, there is a sniper was arrested is not accurate: "We did not caught anyone, just shell casings found at the scene and so." Currently, the Crimean police, prosecutors, military, stationed in grams Li Miya Ukrainian military and the Russian military joint investigation team composed of six: "We were not invited to participate in the survey areas of Kiev." But Natalya to the "Global Times" reporter twice stressed: "All this with Kiev President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown before the occurrence is very similar, but also mysterious sniper shot hit the protesters, said after the government dry, then put Yanukovych overthrow. "

"The reason why I did not wear uniforms in an interview, because that is Ukraine's prosecutor uniforms, from the beginning of the 18th illegal, we can not wear illegal uniforms interviewed by you." Natalya She was wearing civilian clothes while on Non-uniform explained: "However, the law now run the scarpe hogan online Crimea in Ukraine is still the woolrich parka future certainly with Russian law, which requires a process, but at this stage if the conflict occurred Ukrainian law and Russian law, we will Kerry Piumini Moncler Crimean parliament ruling as final. "

For her overnight become a global network Reds, Japanese men in particular for her crazy statement, Natalya admits: "I never social networking accounts, so I really do not know how life is reached according to scarpe hogan the network, I did not have time to go. see the network, but friends will tell me from time to time, I do not understand Japanese, but I do not know how the network is like, I just want to say that 'beauty can save the peace'! "

Natalya in the Crimea popularity now as any one politician. "Global Times" reporter at 17:00 on the 19th to the Crimea when the Supreme Procuratorate, has more than 120 media reporters rushed to the scene. When Natalya seated, taking pictures of photographers crowded almost turned the chair. For the beautiful female Attorney General is how you see it There Crimea local man said: "The relatively high proportion of Ukrainian beauty, beauty is not beauty standards are not the same, we recognized that, she was very sexy." (Go to Crimea correspondent Qiu Yongzheng)
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Messagede Johnbhb » Jeu 30 Oct 2014 23:16

Original title: Zhao Europe: the world needs such a Sino-French relationship model

These two days, French President François Hollande high-profile visit to China, not only set off a "French fever" in China, has also led to international media attention. Meaning not entirely end of the piece, it should be how to treat the results and significance of this visit, and the impact on bilateral relations and the international situation, it is worth considering.

Look from the perspective of the relationship between law, Hollande's visit is an important visit under the new historical conditions. After nearly 50 years of ups and downs, their situation has undergone great changes in the two countries. But for the first time the two sides met the new leader showed the importance of Sino-French relations have not changed since these changes, always occupies a very special position in the diplomatic, the Sino-French cooperation of mutual benefit and win-win attribute more prominent.

Politically, the two sides reaffirmed their mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, respect each other's core interests and choice of development path independently. This is a Piumini Moncler solemn commitment made by the two countries hogan spaccio to each other, is the cornerstone of their political and strategic mutual trust, also issued a joint appeal to the international community: the world situation is different, what a country can only be decided by the people of this country, Only the people of this country have the right to choose their own path of development.

On trade, the two sides decided to continue in the traditional areas of nuclear energy, aviation cooperation, and propose new areas of food processing, renewable energy, sustainable urban development, modern agriculture, such as cooperation, strengthen cooperation in scientific hogan italia and technological innovation, to increase competitiveness levels. President Hollande frank, China has responded perfectly rebalancing bilateral trade issues, and said that Chinese companies will invest in France to clear all obstacles.

Of course, the French still expect China to continue to purchase Airbus aircraft and nuclear power plants, the better. China may think France should expand high-tech exports to China, strengthen research and development and joint development of common third-country markets more daring some enthusiasm higher, go faster. But after all, this visit is an important step forward in the direction of the two sides towards a win-win. Rome was not built in one day, as long as the objectives clear, the two sides meet each other halfway, the results will certainly be getting better and better.

From an international perspective, China and France clearer loud advocate for common international issues. At present, the international situation is unprecedented and profound changes, countries are struggling to adjust and adapt, most members of the international community wants this change towards a more just and equitable development. China and France in this regard should also fully Piumini Moncler capable of a difference.

During Hollande's visit, the two sides were advocating "one world" and stressed that the concept of a common destiny of mankind, to promote multilateralism and the proposed construction of a multipolar world, promoting a more equitable international order scarpe hogan outlet shop toward the direction of balanced development, promoting collective developed through equal consultations international rules and promote the settlement of international disputes through dialogue proposition.

In the final analysis is that the need for equal participation in international peuterey affairs of the world, there is no one who can have the final say, the international situation in the "multi-polar" and "democracy" in order to maintain balance. This provides a new idea is worth learning for the future evolution of international relations, international order and international rules. As Hollande spoke at the press conference of the public, "we want to see is a big country or a world superpower manipulation, when France and China to agree on an issue, we can move the whole world."

Positive interaction between China and France in bilateral and international affairs show that differences in social system and culture should not become an obstacle to friendly cooperation between countries, but should not become a source of international conflict or confrontation. Friends are not necessarily like-minded on all issues, as long as mutual respect, as well as with each other to seek. The world should abandon prejudice, with an open mind for the future, to seek cooperation and mutually beneficial way to expand consensus and innovative attitude. In this sense, the Sino-French relationship is a good example. Sino-French relationship more like a model, the world will be better. (Zhao Europe as international observers of the problem)
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