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According to "The New York Times' Web site reported on March 18, September 11, 2001, control of the four aircraft hijackers, forcing the plane to a lower altitude over the suburbs, and flew toward New York and Washington. At this time, the anxiety of the passengers and flight attendants have to scarpe hogan open their mobile phone, start to their loved ones, airline executives and official phone calls.

However, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 at midnight over the Gulf of Thailand turned around dramatically, and then over two major cities in Malaysia and some other towns circled for nearly half an hour, during which it seems there is no news from the aircraft. From the survey are currently able to determine the point of view, the plane change course, it does not receive calls from anyone on the plane, as well as Twitter, microblogging and other information.

No evidence that "they had tried to contact any of the numbers, but the staff are still verifying, and millions of records waiting for their treatment," Yahya said Malaysia Airlines CEO, at a news conference on the 17th of.

Almost everywhere in the mobile communications today, the plane did not seem to leave any words, this fact caused the pilots, communication specialists and many others argue. Most of the passengers on the plane are from Malaysia and China, the two countries is very high mobile phone usage in wealthy international flights in particular.

Some people think that there is no news of note aircraft flying too high, people can not use personal woolrich outlet bologna online electronic devices. Others suspect that people on the plane may simply never try to make a call or send a message.

Military radar display, shortly after the turn, the aircraft fly particularly high - up to 45,000 feet (about 13,700 meters), beyond the Boeing 777-200 flight altitude of 43,100 feet maximum. Then, when the plane flew over the Malay Peninsula down to an altitude of 23,000 feet for some time, and subsequently rose woolrich sito ufficiale to 29,500 feet in height, and this height into the cruise.

Electronics, wireless communications research professor Liu Jian, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology can be said that even if the phone is turned on passengers during the flight, or has been in a power-off state after the aircraft's altitude may cause the phone is not connected to a base station located on the ground.

Signal from the base station due to significantly weakened. So, if the aircraft flew to a certain height, like MH370 as cell phone signal on the aircraft will be very weak or no signal.

Many aircraft with a satellite phone, business class plane Ma Hangfei scarpe hogan outlet shop machine is also equipped with such calls. Significant changes in the routes, aircraft continue to send a satellite pulse signal nearly seven hours of time.

However, satellite phones are part of the airborne entertainment system. A communications expert said that if someone deliberately change the route, and closed the transponder and other communications equipment, and that most people have turned off the onboard entertainment system. If the entertainment system is hogan scarpe outlet turned off, the satellite phones are not working. As a result, passengers will not know himself is moving in the wrong direction, flying through the map.

Investigators do woolrich outlet not know if anyone on the plane tried to make a call. The pilots said that one theory is that someone might change course in aircraft and soared to a high altitude, deliberately reduced the cabin pressure, which causes rapid loss of consciousness passengers and flight attendants. Changes in aircraft heading may also prevent oxygen masks pop up.

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